About our School

Welcome to Cromwell-Wright School!

Cromwell is a small town (population 230) located in Northeast Minnesota, about 50 miles southwest of Duluth. Wright (population 127) is approximately 6 miles directly to the West on Highway 210. These two communities make up the district of Cromwell-Wright Public School. Our strong sense of community and dedication to the success of our school makes this a great place to live and raise a family.

Geographic size of the school district: 204 sq. miles
Number of days per school year: 171 
Number of students K-12: 290

Student to teacher ratio and classroom size:

  • Elementary average class size: 18
  • Secondary teacher to student ratio: 13:1

Number of Teachers:

  • Regular: 24
  • Special Education: 3

Number of support staff (full time and part time):

  • Administration: 1
  • Clerical: 4
  • Custodians: 3
  • Food Service: 2
  • Paraprofessionals : 11