Dear Seniors, Parents, and Guardians,

Welcome to the final year of your High School career! This year will go quickly, so please look ahead at the following time line and plan accordingly:

  • SEPTEMBER-NOVEMBER Continue to take challenging courses & keep grades up. Decide where to apply. Take or re-take ACT. Begin required essays.
  • DECEMBER-JANUARY Mail applications. Complete FAFSA process. Search online for appropriate scholarships. Request transcripts. Contact military if interested. You must be registered with SELECTIVE SERVICE if you are male and 18 years of age, regardless of your future plans.
  • FEBRUARY-MARCH Request recommendations from school staff. Continue scholarship searches. Make final school choice - accept.
  •  MARCH-MAY Local Scholarships will be posted via bus and daily bulletins. Deadlines will be posted here on the Calendar.

Cromwell-Wright Graduation is Friday, May 27, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in C-W High School Gym. Josten's will be scheduled for gowns and caps. Please make sure you turn in a wallet size graduation photo to counselor's office early in the fall. Questions or concerns, please feel free to contact counselor's office. Check out the links posted.

Best of luck in your upcoming adventure,

Joyce P. Brekke

Developmental & Guidance Counselor K-12